Friday, September 10, 2010

Hang with me

argh im bad at this blog thing.
Today was "key workout #2" - 1 mile easy, 7 miles tempo. finished in 8:25 pace. I ran after work along the west side hwy. it was a gorgeous night for a tempo, just a bit windy. i feel strong and in shape. its exciting. i cant wait for this marathon.

earlier in the week I ran an interval workout (Tuesday) which consisted of 5x 2min 'fast' and 2 min 'easy'. My fast pace according to my plan - the FIRST marathon training program - is 7:3o, which i usually do at about 7:24 (8.1 on the tread). The easy pace I did at 6.0. I lifted after the workout. Wed I went on an easy 4 mile run. Tomorrow im planning on getting up early to do some elliptical and lifting, then head to work.