Monday, February 7, 2011

Salty Run

Todays Workout: Long Run
Location: Usual Long Island Loop
14.01 miles, 2:05:59, 9:00 pace

Beautiful afternoon today (er, technically yesterday now). Sun was shining. It was chilly but comfortable. Air smelled so amazingly crisp. Should have been an absolutely perfect run. Unfortunately area scumbags do not like to salt or shovel their sidewalks. I think the last time it snowed was tuesday. 5 days! No excuses! How hard can it possibly be to toss some salt out in front of your house?
I slipped and slided for the full 14 miles. Fell on my ass at one point but i dont think anyone saw. I also splashed through an ankle deep ice cold puddle, which was fun. And got stuck behind 3 slow walking dudes on a block that was so snowed and iced up that there was a path only wide enough for one person. I had 14 planned and almost called it quits early several times but stuck it out. Pure stubborness.

At this point im about half way through a marathon training program and have no marathon on the horizon. Really need to make up that race calendar.
Exhausted now. Time to sleep or atleast completely veg out in front of investigation discovery channel.