Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Im so mad at myself. I kept putting off registering for the NYC Womens Half in April and now its full. Meh! Im an idiot. I need a race. Im considering doing the Race for Haiti.

Sunday - Elliptical 30 min
Monday - Back to the usual schedule of the Monday run. It was cold and dark at 9pm, so I headed to the gym. Still going to old gym to do treadmill work. Not looking forward to weaning myself off from it. Since I had planned on starting to up the mileage for the half I decided to do 5 miles. Started off fine but then I got the mother of all cramps on my left side. Being the crazy person I am I started to think things like, what if Im having a heart attack. It didnt help that my left arm also started going numb. Inside I was totally panicking, but I forced myself to keep running. I ended up doing a mile and a half at my minimum pace - 6.0 mph before I got some semi relief and could start to increase the speed. The end result was 5.01 miles, 48'24", 9:38 pace. 2.o incline.
Tuesday (tonight) - 30 min elliptical, then lifting alone.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get buried in snow. Fun commuting!

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