Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Weekend

So the long valentines day weekend has come to an end. sigh.. I had an excellent relaxing and lazy weekend. Ate a lot of food and watched a lot of olympics. Pretty much spent 24/7 with the BF and it was great.

Backing up to last week, Wednesday 2/10 was the big snow day. It looked worse than it was in the am, no issues on the train or anything. But as the day went on it was apparently getting worse and worse. Work excused everyone early, so I left and got home fine. I was planning on trying out an interval workout on the treadmill but I canceled it in favor of hibernating on the couch.

Thursday 2/11 I debuted my interval workout on the tread. I nipped the program from a blog I read. Here is the plan:
1-5 6.0
5-10 6.5
at minute 10 start 1 minute intervals of 8.0 followed by 1 minute rest at 6.5. 10 repeats
31-end at 6.5
This workout was tough! also humbling. I though I was in better shape. When I was planning it I thought I could do 8.5 intervals no problem but after 1 I switched to 8.0. I did finish up the last 2 at 8.5 though. After the final rest interval I walked it out for 2 min and then started running again at 6.5 until i hit 4 miles. The Nike+ data for this workout is strange. The graph is like completely straight across, making it look like I had a super even pace. Whatever.
Stats: Nike+ = 4.02 miles, 37'06" 9'13" pace. incline of 2%
I had half planned to head to the gym after but it was late and the BF was waiting for me to eat and watch our shows so I just headed home.
Friday 2/12 - Wii Fit day. I boxed it out and hula hooped for an hour. The next day my arms killed.
Sat 2/13 - Met with KM at the gym for lifting. Then did 30 min cardio on the elliptical. I felt like I had no energy at all. I had wanted to do a longer run today but decided to switch to Sunday.
Sunday 2/14 - Valentines day. Great 6 mile run. Beautiful weather. I had too much on actually. I was wearing my warm tights and a tank, and then I had a Nike core pro thermal half zip and on top of that a new black zip up fleec lined jacket. plus gloves and a headband. It was around 20 degrees with the windchill but the sun was blazing and I was definitely regretting the double layers. I was nervous, as I was doing the same 6 mile loop that cause my mystery 2 day knee pain last time. No problems this time though.
Stats: Garmin = 6.06 miles, 54:51, 9:03 pace, avg HR 152; Nike+= 6.45 miles, 58:14, 9:01 pace
Monday 2/15 (Today) Home today, thanks to Presidents Day. Another beautiful day for a run.
Stats: Garmin= 3.54 miles, 31:37, 8:57 pace, avg HR 148; Nike+= 3.75 miles, 32:28, 8:38 pace
Best thing about todays run was that I barely had to stop at any stoplights. Unlike yesterday when I stopped at every single one.

Ok time for more olympics

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