Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meh Meh Meh

Meh! Today is the first day of lent and already I am craving candy. My annual lent challenge is to give up sweets /dessert and fried foods. This is my fourth year. The first year I made it the full 6 weeks without cheating. The next 2 years are a totally different story. Both 08 and 09 were super stressful times at work. Yesterday I felt I had renewed vigor to make it through the challenge but right now im dying. I'd kill for some brownie mix. Meh.

Making it worse, I totally bonked during my workout tonight. I was trying to repeat my treadmill interval workout from last week but it didnt work out so well. I was dying after 5 intervals and had to walk it out for 3 min. I tried to finish it off but could only make it through 3 before I set it back to walking. Overall it was about 3 miles of running.
After going back and forth with myself I signed up for the Haiti benefit race. You get 2 marathon credits, and you do your humanitarian duty all in one. Im nervous though. This will be my first race totally by myself and also my first winter race. Not sure what to expect. I guess we will see.

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