Monday, March 1, 2010

I totally freaked out on my run tonight. I headed out the door at 9 on my usual later night-time route. About 5 minutes in I was just crossing the intersection at broadway and 31st when some guy yelled something at me and made some hand waving gestures, which of course I ignored. The scumbag then started running after me trying to say something. I had my headphones on so I couldnt hear what he was saying beside "Miss! Miss!" I kept going ignoring him, picking up the pace and hoping he would just drop off. Usually when this kinda thing happens its kids or young teenage boys who run after me a bit and then immediately stop, annoying but non threatening. This was something totally else. This jerk followed me more than half the avenue block, on a dark poorly lit street trying to get my attention. Who does this? It became obvious that he wasnt going to leave me alone, so I finally ripped out one of my earphones and said "what the fuck!" the idiot guy says "whats your name?" at that point I screamed out, like at the top of my lungs "Fuck you!" I think I stunned the guy with that because he stopped and I sprinted on down the street. Seriously, who does this to a woman running alone at night? Did this guy really think he was going to pick me up while I was running? Ugh. It totally ruined my run/night. I obsessed for the rest of the time about it too, afraid I was gonna see the guy again or that he was gonna come after me. I still cant believe that I yelled out like that though. It was extra loud too because I still had my headphones on in one ear. Oops!

Tonights Run: Garmin- 32'44", 9:11 pace, 3.57 miles; Nike+ 33'45", 8:51 pace, 3.80 miles

Update post for the last week including the big race report coming soon.

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