Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race Time

Little bit late with this post. Im writing 3/17 but am just going to backdate this to make it easier:)
The 8k race was this past Sat - yes I did end up manning up and doing it. I woke up and it was raining, but not pouring so I decided hey, why not, Im tough. Was surprised at how many other people apparently felt the same way. There was a lot more people there than I expected. I was wearing my black tights, a white tank, my white Nike core long sleeve and my Nike storm jacket. Also had on my headband and gloves. I thought about wearing a cap, but the only one i found was distorted from being shoved in my closet and looked too ridiculous so I passed. Got uptown about 20 min early. That was the miserable part. I hung around a bit in the subway station at 103rd to stay out of the rain and then decided to just head to the start. I jogged over to the park for a warm up and then went up and down the corrals to keep warm and stay loose. I was completely soaked and my pony tail was dripping. Couldnt wait to get underway. Told myself not to push, just relaxbut it was hard not too. I had to hold back from sprinting in at the end. I still have to digest the info from the garmin as far as splits go, but I was pretty happy with the end result. Plus, never raced 8k, so auto PR! Added 2+ miles at the end by running down from the finish to the subway at 57/5. Knee started hurting here and the wind/rain had started to pick up. I was sooo happy when I saw the subway and hopped on home. Took a nice hot bath and then a nap.

Garmin Race: 5.04 miles, 41:57, 8:19 pace. Extras: 2.27 miles, 21:22, 9:25 pace
Nike+ Total: 7.57 miles, 1:06:16, 8:45 pace

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