Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday

Rough workout wednesday. I planned a treadmill interval workout that I found in an older issue of Runners World. It was supposed to be 3x3 at a pace 10 seconds faster than your 5k pace and 2 min recovery. I havent run a decent 5k since HS, so I though i would do the interval at 8.0. When I was walking up to the gym I thought I would do 15 min warmup at 6.0/6.5 then do 5x3, with a follow up cooldown to be determined on how I felt. Walking up my leg/knee felt fine. Upstairs in the tread room, not so much. I had a strange sharp pain in my hip/butt area. I tried to stretch it out but it wasnt going away. This and not getting the treadmill I wanted psyched me out (lame I know). Then I pull out my ipod and its dead! Ugh, worst ever. I start the workout and get through the 15 min warm up (6 min 6.0, reamining at 6.5). Hip is throbbing randomly, like every third minute. Out of stubborness I decided to continue. I ended up readjusting to 3x2 min with 3 min recovery at 6.5, then about 2 min at 3.0. After each interval I thought I would quit but I forced myself to finish it. The pain continued on and today my knee has been aching off and on. Ive noticed if I keep my leg bent under myself (as I often do) I get super stiff and achy when I try to get up. Not good.
Sadly no stats since my ipod was dead. The treadie said it was about 4.5 and about 40 min. Did a 2% incline again.

This sat is the 8k. Its supposed to be pouring rain. Not happy about this. Im not sure I want to do it. I guess Im going to wait and see what its like when I get up that morning.

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