Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adventure Time

Went on a long run adventure today to Roosevelt Island. Friday I saw on tv that the weather this weekend was supposed to be lovely, high in the 50s and sunny. After hearing that I knew it was time for an adventure. Ive wanted to run some place new for awhile. I orginally wanted to run on Randalls Island but I couldnt find any route maps - maybe you can get there on foot from queens? who knows. So i settled for Roosevelt and set out around 12:30. I wore a black tank, black zip up longsleeve and black tights and was perfectly dressed. Headed out and ran down my usual way to astoria park then veered off to head towards the bridge. The route took me through some not so nice areas. This is definitely an early afternoon daytime run only. I got turned around once in a project parking lot but got back out quickly and found the right way. Roosevelt Island was very quiet and calm and it was such a nice day. I really enjoyed this run. I had planned to go about 9 miles, which seemed a bit ambitious but for some reason I really wanted to complete it. My left leg, thigh to knee, was aching during the last 3 miles, which had me worried that I would have the mystery knee pain come back. Its still sore, as I write, but no intense pain so thats good. I did a full loop of the island and then came back over the bridge around and headed up 34th ave. I initially stopped when I hit 9 miles but I hadnt yet hit 21st street so I decided to keep running to get closer to home. (i was also trying to meet KM at the gym at 2 for lifting, and it was 2:14 at this point so figured I couldnt have the luxury of a long stroll. Ended up stopping at bakeway on broadway but they were out of bagels:( Got a giant Zico instead and then walked home from there. Tried to meet KM but she had come and gone by the time I ended up at the gym. Did some quick lifting- arms only - and headed home to veg out.

Overall, great run, beautiful day. Im happy about my fitness too. I didnt struggle cardiowise at all and I kept it smooth and evenly paced pretty much throughout the entire run. Yay!
Garmin-9.52miles, 9:31 min/mile pace, 1:30:31, HR=148
Nike+ - 10.32miles, 9:12min/mile pace, 1:34:55

the nike was really off on this one! although i did stop the garmin when i was going up and down the stairs on the way in/out of roosevelt island.

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