Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chloe really doesnt want me to write this post

Poor kitty is lonely today. Since I walked in tonight she has been all over me. She keeps grabbing my hand with her paw so I will pet her, its the sweetest thing.
Catching up the last few days:
Tuesday I did cross training on the elliptical at the gym (30 min)
Wednesday was a rest day due to a dinner out catching up with my old roomie. Went to an awesome place in the UES with all you can eat sushi/drinking. Too bad it was only Tuesday. I contemplated waking up early and heading out for a run before work but I was too exhausted and instead was late.
As a result of last nights activities I was exhausted all day today as well and it made tonights mild run hard. I did 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym. Ipod stats are 4.01miles in 36'40", at 9:07 pace. I've decided I'm going to also keep tracking of what I wear when running. Some might say this is super lame but to me happy clothes are a big part of being happy. And running outfits are no different to me. So today I wore black UA tights, a NYY World Series champs tshirt and a grey sports bra.
The gym tonight was surprisingly (and happily) empty. Before I went to my current one, I stopped into check out another gym my friend wants me to join with her which is shockingly cheap. I could go to this particular gym until August for less than the cost of this next month at my gym. That is insane and really doesnt even make sense. When she told me this I figured it was probably too good to be true so I went to check it out. Honestly I was horrified by the place. I had the most pathetic tour with the most disinterested sales person ever. She had zero interest in whether I joined up or not. I guess the price just sells its self. The place was packed, which isnt really surprising considered its the first week in January and most people are still holding on to the new years resolution. All things considered though, I might still join. I rarely ever work out during peak hours and most of the crowd will be gone by march. Ill sleep on it I guess.

Tomorrow is another off day for me so see you on Friday.

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