Saturday, January 9, 2010

No training Thursday or Friday this week. Thursday I planned to be off, had to meet up for happy hour with Amanda since her time in NYC is almost over again:( I planned to run Friday night but was exhausted. Im not much of a going out person these days and to have multiple nights of heavier drinking (Thurs-Sat-Tues-Thurs) is rough. I did join that new gym friday though. We will have to wait and see how that goes.

Today I woke up and it looked gorgeous outside, sun was shining. It was misleading though as the temp was 27 degrees, 19 with windchill. I bundled up in my warm Nike tights, white tank, black pullover top, and then a dark grey zip up, black headband and gloves. I also stole evans neck warmer/hood. When I stepped out and stood around waiting for garmin to link to the satelites I was afraid that I might be dressed too warmly and almost went back to drop off one of the long sleeved shirts but I'm glad I didn't. I went for my usual 4 mile loop, down along the water near the park and then back up.
garmin recorded 35'50", 4.12 miles, 8:42 pace. avg HR 159bpm, max 175bpm.
looking at a graph of the data it looks like the HR was fairly steady and was creeping into the 170s towards the end. Im sad to say that I dont know enough about this to know really what it means but I think it might be high. Need to research that.
ipod has 37'12", 8:29 pace, 4.38 miles. The difference in time is that the garmin will auto pause when im stopped at a streetlight.

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