Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it really only Wednesday?

Why is this week dragging so much??

Quick update about Chloe- she is fine. We were afraid that she might have FIV or Feline Leukemia but she is negative for both thank god. She apparently has swollen gums which is strange for a cat her age (young). There were multiple potential causes that the vet thought might be causing it, including the bad ones mentioned above. Now its looking like she might have something else which causes cat scratch fever in humans (lol). We find out Friday.

Yesterday was a planned cardio day at the gym but I stayed in instead. My left leg - quad and knee area - was sore from Mondays run. I decided to rest up. The plan was to use the time in to research research research, make a training plan and go to sleep early. None of those was accomplished:( I did look up some training programs but without a specific goal race in mind I didn't nail anything down. I did read something interesting online though, that said if you are training on a treadmill you should have atleast a 1% incline in order to offset the pull of the belt and prevent IT band injuries. I will definitely keep this in mind.

Today I decided to do 6 miles outside. Its still cold here in NYC but I was going out a bit early (8:30) and the thought of a crowded gym really turned me off. I had a really hard time linking to the satelites on the garmin and spent a good 15 minutes shivering outside my house waiting. I wanted this run to be controlled between 9:30-10 min mile pace. I ended up doing 5.86 miles in 55'53", which is 9:32 m/mi pace - perfect. The avg heart rate was 153bpm. Graph info looks steady across, began creeping up during last half. The graph of the pace is hard to view. Ipod got 6.17miles, 9:09 m/mi pace, 56'28". Overall it was a good run. I did my best to relax and go steady, kept reminding myself not to speed it up. It got harder on the back end of the run. Its not through a 'bad' neighborhood per se, but its not the greatest - dark, residential streets, seedy commerical areas, few pedestrians, not so much traffic in parts, near a park, etc etc. Its the kind of run that my mom would get mad at me for running alone. Ive done it in the past and not even felt nervous. And it wasnt like it was thaaat late, but I think combined with the cold fewer people were out and about. But anyways, I felt myself speeding up to hurry up and get back to the neighborhoods I'm more comfortable with. With like 5 min to go I started to get a bit of pain in my hip area, but with stretching afterwards its now feeling ok.
Outfit check - warm nike tights, grey sb, navy UA long sleeved top, grey zip up, gloves, headband. In review, too much dark color for a night run on dark streets. That was silly of me.

Tomorrow the plan is to check out the new gym and do some lifting with Kristen. I havent lifted in forever. I'm excited about getting back into it.

In exciting running related news, I decided to definitely go to the Millrose Games this month. I can't wait. Buying tickets tomorrow.

Thats it for now, goodnight!

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