Saturday, January 16, 2010


Woke up early today to lift with Kristen. Now I'm super sore. Was going to hop on a treadmill to get the days miles in while we were at the gym but I was too shaky from not eating breakfast and it was just too hot in the room. There are huge windows letting in all the sunlight and barely any ventilation. Not to mention a ton of machines all packed in so tight together. I really can't imagine running on the treadmill at this place. Not sure whats going to happen in the future on that one if I need too.

Went home, ate and rested a bit and then went back out for the run. What a beautiful day it was today. After weeks of bitter cold it was almost 50! I went and did my usual loop down by the water. Total of 4.o1 miles in 35'30". 8:52mi/mil, 160bpm avg HR. I felt really good throughout. I was afraid after the lifting my legs would feel like dead weight but they felt good.

I wore black UA tights, grey tshirt, green longsleeved shirt and my green/grey vest.

I just published this post but then I remembered that I forgot to mention the Wii Fit! I finally got one. My aunt has one that my mom and her use and she raves about it same as everyone. After we got the Wii for Xmas this year I knew I wanted to buy one but its been like trying to buy a rare gem or something. They are never in stock! I finally lucked out Friday at work. I was scoping out best buy and they had one available for instore pickup at 62nd st and broadway so I hurried up and bought it. It was a pain carrying it home, since it was much bigger and heavier than I thought. Havent really done much so far, just established myself as a character and did the initial assessment. It told me that my Wii age is 37. Apparently I have horrible balance. Im looking forward to tracking improvements in fitness and weight. Should be fun times.

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