Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We belong to the music...

There is nothing like new music to make a run amazing. I downloaded the new Timbaland today and now I have several new songs for my running mix. I hate to admit to it, but the Miley collaboration is my new fav. I was planning on going to the gym to run on the treadmill but it was warmer tonight (40s) and the idea of new running music had me too pumped to run indoors. Headed out at 9:45. I think I watch to much true crime television because of course everyone I saw on the way I thought was going to kidnap and murder me. I guess its good to be a bit on edge and not let your guard down.

Run felt great. Here are the stats:

33:03, 3.74 miles, 8'50" pace, 155bpm
Ipod: 33:42, 3.91 miles, 8'36" pace

Argh I need a real training program. I'm giving myself a week to figure it out.

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