Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I should really be sleeping instead of writing

Sunday was a cross training day, did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at the gym.
Today (ie Monday) went to the gym and did 5 miles on the treadmil at what I was hoping was a relaxed pace. Ipod recorded 5.01 miles in 47'26", 9:27 min/mile pace. I wore black UA tights and this super cute Nike jersey-like shirt that matches my shoes (white and light blue). I went earlier than usual (8:30) and it was super packed. Luckily though I scored my favorite type of treadmill, the kind with the built in fan.
I feel a little lost right now because I don't really have a plan. I have an abstract idea of what I want to do this year - I know I want to run a marathon and at least 2 halfs. I also want to do a trail race at some point. But outside of just saying I want to do these things I dont have any action plan. I really need to develop a training schedule that I can get into and follow. I keep telling myself I need to do some research and plan out the next few months but I havent been able to find the time. Hopefully now that the holidays are really over, visiting friends have left town and the work chaos surrounding our move has finally begun to die down maybe I can steal some time to think.
All of this is further complicated by Kristen (my RP) being out of commission with her knee. :(

Non running note, scary visit to the Vet today with Chloe. There is a possibility that she could be very ill. We will find out tomorrow. I dont know what I will do if she is.

Meh, going to sleep now.

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