Monday, January 25, 2010

where have i been?

Long time no post I know. Had a very strange/scary weekend. Thursday I lifted again with Kristen. Nothing unusual, did arms and legs. Finished up with 45 minutes on the treadmill walking at an incline. Friday was off. Saturday I planned on going out for a long run. It was a nicer sunny afternoon so I set off on my longer route wanting to do 6-7 miles. The plan was supposed to be the same as the last longer run, take it easy, stay between 9:30-10. However, I just couldnt seem to slow down. I kept looking at the Garmin and seeing 8:40 or 8:30. I felt amazing, really strong. That was the good part. The bad part was that I seemed to hit every single light. It was also earlier than I usually do this route (ie, daytime) and since the weather was nicer everyone was out. This meant a lot of weaving in and out of people on steinway and other high traffic streets. I dont know if this is what did me in, or if it was me muscularly adjusting to my right foot hurting. --Backing up, I have grotesque feet. Ever since about 21 I've had nasty bunionettes (bunions on the pinky toe side). They flared up badly in college and early working time but for the past two years Ive been basically pain free. That was until this past month when the pain came back like woah, between new years eve when I spent the entire night on my feet in 4.5 inch heels and these boots that i bought, which are flat but must have been too narrow. My right foot has been constantly aching and Sat it seemed worse than normal. I was aware of it aching during the run, which usually it doesnt. --

So anyways, with about a mile to go i noticed some soreness in my left leg. My leg/knee felt heavy, like it was harder to pick up. I ignored it and just pushed through. I had originally planned to run up past my house to the library to pick up some books, but as I was coming up the street to my house the pain was starting to increase and I thought I had better just stop at home, so I did. As soon as I did I had this overwhelming pain in my left knee, on the left side. At this point I was still kinda ignoring it because I was so happy about my run. I basically had broken my 10k race PR. I did 6.26 miles in 56:16, a 9min/mile pace. My avg heart rate during the run was 154bpm. My previous best was a 56:59 at the human race this year. Very happy.

The happyness didn't last long though. I came in limping. Several hours later I couldnt stand on my leg and couldnt bend my knee. It totally killed. I tried soaking in an epsom salt bath and taking ibuprofen. Still horrible pain. Ended up spending the evening on the coach resting my leg and making the bf fetch stuff for me.

Sunday was supposed to be a lifting day with Kristen (to make up for not going Saturday). I opted out though afraid of aggravating the leg. It didnt hurt as bad in the morning but the pain was still there and I was limping around still. Luckily for me, Kristen is an athletic trainer so she came over that night to give me an evaluation. She suggested the pain was from Iband tendonitis, which terrifies me. She told me what stretches to do and gave me this cool ice cup to do ice massage.
Today I woke up and was still sore but not nearly as bad. It was an awful morning due to torrential rain. I wore flip flops at work which made the bunioette foot feel much better. At the end of the day I really didnt have any leg pain at all so I decided to do a test run of 2 miles to see how I felt. I did 2.02mile sin 18:58, or 9:24pace. HR was 142bpm. I was thinking more of 10min mile pace but again I felt really good. I had just mild pain in the foot and really nothing in the knee, which left me so confused. What the hell does this mean? How do you go from excrutiating unable to stand on your leg pain, to absolutely fine within 48 hours?? I dont get it. Im going to be monitoring this closely just in case.

Tomorrow is a lifting day. Signed up for Runners World magazine today.
I've been writing this post since 9pm so its time to sign off.

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